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RNoAF Christmas Star 2022

The Royal Norwegian Air Force practices formation flying every year in December. This year, they were schedule to fly over Bodø at 11:22 on December 8th. I managed to capture them with my zoom lens just a couple minutes after their scheduled arrival.

Remember iEX history

I'm often finding myself crafting some of the most complex and ingenious stuff ever known to IEx men, only to find myself having to recreate it minutes later because I'm now in a new IEx session. Annoying? Yes. Solvable? Yes! Here's how.

Oops, I did it again...

It has happened many times before, and this sure ain't going to be the last time. I've jumped off the WordPress ship and over to the headless CMS ship.

npaste-vscode updated

I have written an encrypted pastebin for text and images called npaste. This post goes through the recent changes in the VSCode plugin for npaste.

Going solo

Nice weather = quality time

Last week and especially last weekend, we had some really nice weather. We decided to spend most of the time outside on various adventures, most of them including bathing. Here are a few photos from the trips.

wp shell

If you’re a WordPress backend developer and don’t use wp shell, you must continue reading.

npaste – a simple paste bin

At work, I often need to share secrets and other important information with my colleagues. We use Slack to communicate with each other, and that’s good enough for the most part. Now and then, we share secret stuff. Like, top secret. There are many paste bins on the internet that we could use, but I don’t really trust them for these things. So I created my own: npaste.

Running update: Week 22

Last week was a bit hectic, just like this week has been. So the update from the previous week is in a bit late, but here it is!

Don’t expose your Docker ports

Let’s say you have a couple of Docker containers that run your favorite applications. You’d like to deploy these to some random server on the interwebs, so you lock down your Ubuntu server using the default UFW firewall, launch your containers and start using your applications.

Blind men and an elephant

There exists this quite interesting parable that, in one of the many versions of it, goes like this:

Running update: Week 21

During the , I ended up at an average pace of 6:13/km. My goal for the second week was first and foremost to complete three runs of at least three kilometers each, but in addition to that I had a bonus goal of increasing the average pace by 5%.

Running update: Week 20

Last week I announced  – my own personal running challenge. In that post I promised myself and my impressively few, but dear, readers to post an update on my progress once a week. Here’s the first update!

Running challenge

I really enjoy running, but it’s not something I do consistently or very often. That’s something I’d like to change, so I’m hereby publicly announcing my own running challenge in the hope that doing this will force me to follow through.

Website changes – again

I relatively recently posted about moving my website to WordPress. This actually still holds true, but I’ve given the website a new look and made some changes to the deployment routines.

Pinfjellet – Vågøyvannet – Mellomveien

During our awesome weekly workout hour at the company I work for, I went for a walk in my local area. I’m so lucky to have all these nice hiking destinations just outside my doorstep.

WordPress Docker

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to make plugins and themes for WordPress. To make this process easier, I’ve created a repository with everything needed to spin up a new instance of WordPress with a lot of good stuff along with it.

Going WordPress again

My very first post on this blog, posted back in 2014, explained why I moved my website from WordPress to Jekyll. Now I'm switching again.

A Narcissistic Number

While solving this kata on CodeWars, I read about narcissistic numbers. It’s a quite fascinating concept.

Basic server setup (Ubuntu)

This short guide is basically just a reminder to myself, where most of the content is based on Digital Ocean’s Initial Server Setup with Ubuntu 16.04 and my own memory.

Disabling password for sudo in Ubuntu

Disabling the password needed for sudo for a specific user is very easy in Ubuntu. This method applies to Ubuntu 16.04, but probably also other versions of Ubuntu and maybe even other distros.

Ludum Dare 39: PowerClick

I attended the online game compo Ludum Dare 39 this weekend. Because of things I wasn’t able to start until saturday evening, so I decided to create a very simple game this time.

3D model of a book

I am currently learning how to create 3D models in Blender. My first creation is a simple book.

New website platform

My website was previously built using Jekyll and hosted on Netlify. Because of various problems I’ve had with my Jekyll setup, I decided to go for another static site generator: Hugo.

Resizing windows on linux

Here’s an easy way to resize windows on Fedora 23 and probably most other Linux distributions.

Useful git tips

This is a collection of useful git commands, aliases, tips and tricks that I’ve come across or been using. Feel free to contribute to this collection by adding a comment below.

Basic usage of git-svn

This is a small guide I wrote for my own convenience when I recently was converting an SVN repository to a Git repository. I’ve published it here so that I can easily look up the things I need to remember..

Mutt tips & tricks

I’ve been using mutt with offlineimap and msmtp for a while now, and I want to use this post to collect some features and tips that I’ve found myself often searching for.


locationpicker.js is a simple-to-use jQuery plugin that allows you to select a location on a map and receive the coordinates using a callback function. It also supports searching for a location based on an address.

Case-sensitivity problem with Git in OS X

I’ve several times experienced problems with files and folders having incorrect case in Git repositories in OS X, so I decided to gather some possible fixes and solutions to this problem.

Opening Sublime Text from the command line

I’m using Sublime Text 3 beta as my text editor. It’s fast and lightweight, but at the same time it’s very powerful. Here’s how you can open Sublime Text from the command line.

Going static

My personal homepage has been powered by Wordpress for several years. This will now change.