Running challenge

I really enjoy running, but it’s not something I do consistently or very often. That’s something I’d like to change, so I’m hereby publicly announcing my own running challenge in the hope that doing this will force me to follow through.

I’m so lucky to be living in an area of Bodø that has lots of trails that are very suitable for running. Just have a look at a few photos from some of my recent runs:

Every time I’m out running I’m thinking to myself: «This is awesome!» Despite that thought and feeling, it often goes a week or two until my next run. I’m about to change this.

The challenge

Every week I will go for a run at least three times, and the run should be longer than three kilometers.
Me, 16th of may 2021

My average pace is now typically around 6-6,5 minutes per kilometer. My goal is to increase my average pace to 5 minutes per kilometer on a regular run. This should be doable within a reasonable amount of time.

To document this I will post an update once a week with my runs embedded from Strava.