The things I do for a living.

If you are in need of a developer for an interesting project or a one-off task, feel free to send me an enquiry about it.

My day-time job

As you may have read already, I’m currently employed as a CTO in Trimpoeng AS and as an independent consultant in my own company.


I’ve been involved in the making of the hiking contest app Trimpoeng since the app saw its first daylight back in 2015. I created the first version of the app and in 2019 I started developing a new version of this app which was launched in 2020, heavily contributed to by another developer as well.

I’m still involved in Trimpoeng as one of the owners and also as a CTO and developer in a part-time position, where I maintain the full stack:

  • App for iOS and Android (Flutter)
  • API backend (Elixir/Phoenix)
  • Admin frontend (React)
  • Contest pages (Next.js)
  • «My page» (React)
  • Signup pages (Next.js)

Trimpoeng is a really interesting concept that has been very well received by thousands of people from pretty much all parts of Norway. It’s also a product that has a lot of potential, so being a part of it is something I really enjoy. By the time of this writing, Trimpoeng have contributed to almost nine million hikes during the last six years.

Devos AS

Devos AS is my own company where I work as an independent consultant. Read more on (Norwegian only). I do all kinds of relevant jobs, but primarily I work with frontend development in React, backend development in Elixir/Phoenix and delivering clean websites using Next.js and a headless CMS.