Running update: Week 21

During the first week of Project Running, I ended up at an average pace of 6:13/km. My goal for the second week was first and foremost to complete three runs of at least three kilometers each, but in addition to that I had a bonus goal of increasing the average pace by 5%.

Just like 4 Non Blondes back in the early 1990s, I realized quickly that this bonus goal of mine would be hard to achieve this week. But it was very close. I reduced my average pace by almost 4%. Here’s how this week’s results ended up like.

Tuesday3.70 km22m28s6:04
Saturday3.66 km21m36s5:54
Sunday3.55 km21m05s5:56
SUM/AVG10.91 km21m43s5:58

I am very happy with this weeks results, even though I didn’t completely reach my goal. That goal was fetched out of thin air anyway, so I don’t care.

I’ve heard lots of good things about interval running, so I’m considering replacing one or two of these weekly runs with interval runs. More on that in a later post.