Running update: Week 20

Last week I announced Project Running – my own personal running challenge. In that post I promised myself and my impressively few, but dear, readers to post an update on my progress once a week. Here’s the first update!

Monday3.68 km23m33s6:24
Wednesday3.67 km22m51s6:14
Saturday3.66 km22m01s6:01
SUM/AVG11.01 km22m36s6:13

To sum it up, I am satisfied with my effort and progress this week. My goal was merely to complete at least three runs, which I did without any problems. My goal for the coming week is to do exactly the same, and as a bonus I’m hoping to have an average pace that is about 5% faster than this week’s average pace.

Stay tuned for more ground-breaking updates on this subject.