Interval running with Myworkout GO

I happen to know some of the people involved with the app Myworkout GO. On their website, they claim the following:

Do more than one 4×4 workout sessions per week to increase your cardiac capacity by +0,5% per week.


If you do two a week you’ll keep the health of a 20 year-old until you are 70 years old.

I’m in no position to claim that these statements are incorrect – or correct, for that matter. But I’m an optimist and I’d like to believe that it’s true. According to their own website, these statements are based on «25 years of research at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology».

Anyhow, there’s no doubt that interval running is healthy and an efficient way to improve your health, so I’m giving it a shot. From next week, I’ll replace at least one of my weekly runs with a session of interval running, and we’ll see how that will affect my regular runs.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Myworkout project, you can find their website here: