Bodø developers – let’s meet!

I am the organizer of a Meetup group called Bodø Dev. It was originally created for the Flutter Hackathon 2019, which was a weekend event where the goal was to get together with local developers to create a Flutter app.

We were five people gathered together in a local office where we, over the course of two days, created a Flutter app for showcasing apps – «Flutterific». Think of it as Tinder with apps instead of people. I wouldn’t say we learned too much during this weekend, but we had a great time meeting other local developers, eating pizza and getting to know the online Flutter community. All in all it was a success!

As a person who have lived in Bodø for ten years, working professionally as a developer the whole time, I feel that there should be more local events and gatherings like the one we had back in 2019.

There are of course events that I’m not aware of, and there are occasionally courses and presentations, but what I’d like to see more of is informal gatherings where developers just meet and share knowledge and experiences or just create something fun together – across companies.

This is why I will try to get more people into the Bodø Dev meetup group and also try to organize more events like the Flutter Hackathon. One event that would be both fun and interesting to attend in this manner is the Ludum Dare game jam. I’ve attended this alone two times before, and it was really fun! Doing this together with other local developers would be even more fun.

Join our chat

Together with two former colleagues of mine, I’ve created a Zulip server for the Bodø Dev group that we can use to discuss meetups and other relevant stuff. If you’re a developer based in Bodø, feel free to contact me for an invitation.