Going WordPress again

My very first post on this blog, posted back in 2014, explained why I moved my website from WordPress to Jekyll. Now I'm switching again.

Here are the reasons why I did that move more than six years ago:

  • I wanted to use Markdown.
  • I wanted to use my favorite editor when writing.
  • I wanted to store my homepage source in a Git repository or in Dropbox.
  • I wanted to host it anywhere.

While many of these reasons still holds true, I’ve now moved my personal website back to a WordPress installation. Here are the reasons why:

  • I will be working more with WordPress in the future, and I’d like to learn as much about is as possible. Having my own personal website run WordPress is probably the best way to learn, since I can do what I want with it.
  • WordPress makes it simple to manage my website while on the go using my mobile phone.
  • I like to change things up a bit every now and then.
  • The Gutenberg editor makes it much more enjoyable to use WordPress.

I’m sure there are Markdown plugins that lets me write my posts using Markdown, but that’s not really important to me right now. If I later want to go back to using Markdown or a static site generator, I can always export my posts using one of the Markdown export plugins.

This website is hosted on a small droplet at Digital Ocean and it’s using a custom theme that I’ve made using components from Tailwind UI.

I plan on extending the theme with a better footer, a comments section and more. I’ll probably add some custom block types that integrates with third parties, and I plan on posting photos on the website.

I find joy in doing these things, and I learn about WordPress while doing it. That’s reason enough for me.