Oops, I did it again...

It has happened many times before, and this sure ain't going to be the last time. I've jumped off the WordPress ship and over to the headless CMS ship.

If you're curious about the other times I've changed my website platform, here you go:

..and many more since the late 90s that I don't have any record of, sadly.

This time I've abandoned the WordPress ship, which was great, in favour of the hypermodern headless CMS ship. To be more concise, my website is now built using Prismic.io and Next.js. It's hosted on Vercel.

I spend at least half of my time developing React applications. Being able to do the same with my own website, and client websites for that matter, suits me perfectly. The combination of any headless CMS (there are many great ones, and I'd really like to try Sanity.io), Next.js and Vercel is truly a great developer experience.

There are also some limitations. Some are specific to Prismic.io and some are more general. So far I've been able to work around most of them without too much hassle.

There you have it. Rest assure there will be a new post of this kind at some point.

Until then, I hope you enjoy my new website.

PS: You can use Cmd+K or Win+K to open the search palette which gives you easy access to all the content on this website.