Going static

My personal homepage has been powered by Wordpress for several years. This will now change.

Update 2018-02-09: The information in this post is no longer current. Please read this post for information about my current setup.

My personal homepage has been powered by WordPress for several years. There’s nothing wrong with WordPress, it’s a mature blogging platform with a plethora of plugins and themes to choose from. Nevertheless, lately I’ve been wanting to use a static site generator for my personal homepage. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • I want to use Markdown
  • I want to use my favorite editor when writing
  • I can easily store my homepage source in a Git repository or in Dropbox
  • I can easily host it anywhere

Now, most of these things can also be accomplished using WordPress, but I find the concept of using a static site generator quite interesting, so I’ve decided to give it a go.

I ended up with Jekyll. It’s a static site generator written in Ruby, and it seems to be very flexible and quite easy to configure and use. My homepage is now hosted as a Github Page, which means that all of the contents are stored in a public Git repository.

Come back later to learn more about my experience with using Jekyll, as I’ll try to post useful articles about how I’m using it.