wp shell

If you’re a WordPress backend developer and don’t use wp shell, you must continue reading. I have this imaginary plugin that is used to fetch some data from a third-party service and store every item as a post of a custom post type. Now I need to figure out how something deep down in this … Continue reading

Website changes – again

I relatively recently posted about moving my website to WordPress. This actually still holds true, but I’ve given the website a new look and made some changes to the deployment routines. Now I have a solid development focused foundation based on Trellis. My website is my playground. This is where I can freely play with … Continue reading

WordPress Docker

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to make plugins and themes for WordPress. To make this process easier, I’ve created a repository with everything needed to spin up a new instance of WordPress with a lot of good stuff along with it. The setup is meant to be used in combination with … Continue reading

Going WordPress again

My very first post on this blog, posted back in 2014, explained why I moved my website from WordPress to Jekyll. Here are the reasons why I did that move more than six years ago: I wanted to use Markdown. I wanted to use my favorite editor when writing. I wanted to store my homepage … Continue reading