Useful git tips

This is a collection of useful git commands, aliases, tips and tricks that I’ve come across or been using. Feel free to contribute to this collection by adding a comment below.

Basic usage of git-svn

This is a small guide I wrote for my own convenience when I recently was converting an SVN repository to a Git repository. I’ve published it here so that I can easily look up the things I need to remember..


locationpicker.js is a simple-to-use jQuery plugin that allows you to select a location on a map and receive the coordinates using a callback function. It also supports searching for a location based on an address.

Opening Sublime Text from the command line

I’m using Sublime Text 3 beta as my text editor. It’s fast and lightweight, but at the same time it’s very powerful. Here’s how you can open Sublime Text from the command line.

Case-sensitivity problem with Git in OS X

I’ve several times experienced problems with files and folders having incorrect case in Git repositories in OS X, so I decided to gather some possible fixes and solutions to this problem.