wp shell

If you’re a WordPress backend developer and don’t use wp shell, you must continue reading. I have this imaginary plugin that is used to fetch some data from a third-party service and store every item as a post of a custom post type. Now I need to figure out how something deep down in this … Continue reading

npaste – a simple paste bin

At work, I often need to share secrets and other important information with my colleagues. We use Slack to communicate with each other, and that’s good enough for the most part. Now and then, we share secret stuff. Like, top secret. There are many paste bins on the internet that we could use, but I … Continue reading

Test your API endpoints in VS Code with Thunderclient

A couple of days ago I came across this extension for Visual Studio Code that lets you send HTTP request from within VS Code itself: Thunderclient. I do a lot of integrations and API related development in general, and I typically use Postman and/or Insomnia for these kinds of things, but sometimes it can be … Continue reading

Website changes – again

I relatively recently posted about moving my website to WordPress. This actually still holds true, but I’ve given the website a new look and made some changes to the deployment routines. Now I have a solid development focused foundation based on Trellis. My website is my playground. This is where I can freely play with … Continue reading

WordPress Docker

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to make plugins and themes for WordPress. To make this process easier, I’ve created a repository with everything needed to spin up a new instance of WordPress with a lot of good stuff along with it. The setup is meant to be used in combination with … Continue reading